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  •  "Uniting in opposition to 'us' " (4.00)
    Let's not fall for the nationalism trap.  Nationalism and patriotism serve one purpose: to convince the general population that we are on the same side as the elites.  Bush loves to say things like "The U.S. will not cut and run from Iraq".  But who IS the U.S.?  Who the hell is he talking about?  Because he's definitely not talking about himself, his family, or any of his rich friends.  No, HE'S not in Iraq.  It's the working poor who are in Iraq.  THEY're the ones getting blown to bits by road-side bombs.

    My point being: People's movements are sweeping across South America in opposition to the policies being shoved down their throats by the corporate elite of our country.  They are uniting against neoliberal trade and the "Washington consensus."  They are uniting against imperialism.  But they are NOT uniting against "us", the people of the United States.  In fact, I'm sure they would be delighted beyond words if we busted our asses alongside them to rid the world of the "free trade" agreements that are laying waste to the vast majority of people in both North and South America, while richly lining the pockets of the corporate elite.  Bush and his rich friends would LOVE for us to think that the people of South America are "uniting in opposition to us."  But I think just the opposite, we are all on the same side, and a healthy dose of solidarity is in order.  As Chavez has said himself:

    "The great people of the United States are our brothers, my salute to day the decay inside U.S. imperialism will end up toppling it, and the great people of Martin Luther King will be set free."

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