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  •  Great comment... (none)
    and great diary by Chris.

    I particularly liked this quote:

    "That is why I write this petition,
    That all the punishments, punish only me,
    For though I should lose my life
    I prefer it so - than to live, and bear a wound in my heart."

    I agree with this quote 100%.

    Chris thanks for the comments - I did not know the Pentagon added the torture addendum to the interrogation manual.

    Here is a comment I wrote previously defining torture: Daily Kos

    Here is a quote:

    Torture is the infliction of severe physical or psychological pain as an expression of cruelty, a means of intimidation, deterrent or punishment, or as a tool for the extraction of information or confessions. Although the most obvious dimension of torture is that it achieves its goal through physical pain (or threat of pain), in fact many of its most devastating effects come from the psychological effect of the extremes inflicted upon its victims.

    Although torture is usually thought of in terms of its physical impact (pain and damage), the psychological impact is often greater and tends to remain with the victim long after the actual activity is discontinued.
    "It is very tempting to take the side of the perpetrator. All the perpetrator asks is that the bystander do nothing. He appeals to the universal desire to see, hear, and speak no evil. The victim, on the contrary, asks the bystander to share the burden of pain. The victim demands action, engagement, and remembering."

    Torture is, of course supposed to be illegal under US law, but when the justice department refuses to enforce the convention against mental torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment you have a problem.

    It is a fact that the current detention practices that we are using are producing psychological damage consistent with the justice departments own definition of mental torture (December 04). It cannot be denied that prisoners are being subjected to mental torture and that the cumulative effect of systematic abuses amounts to torture.

    Furthermore, the current detention practices in Iraq are degrading and the military JAG officers already testified that the practices are degrading before Lindsey Graham's armed forces subcommittee. The practices also violate long standing army regulations not to mention constitute "grave war crimes".

    I am honestly hoping and praying that Senator McCain succeeds and gets all of these abusive practices banned that violate long-standing army regulations. This issue is so important from a human rights standpoint, from a rule of law standpoint, from a reputational standpoint, from an ethical standpoint and from the fact that these practices are causing resentment in the Middle East that makes us less safe not more safe.

    Thank you again Chris for this diary.

    "When the government fears the people, that is Liberty. When the people fear the government, that is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson

    by RichardG on Wed Dec 14, 2005 at 06:33:23 PM PST

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