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View Diary: UMass Mao library book story is a hoax (140 comments)

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  •  Typical Bush tactic (none)
    Blame hoax on the lowly student "bad Apple", while the  likely  Homeland Security agent "professors" Robert A. Pontbriand and Brian Glyn Williams the government likely planted on campus to "protect" students from "suspected terrorism threats", and who likely manipulated/encouraged/participated with the student to produce this hoax, come out unscathed and  smelling like a rose.

    Kind of like Gen Sanchez, Gen Barbara Fast, and Gen Geoff Miller after Abu Ghraib.    

    •  oh come on (none)
      That's silly and irresponsible.  Where is your evidence?  You're accusing these guys of a lot of bad stuff based on precisely nothing.  

      McCarthyism isn't right even when the left does it.

      Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

      by hrh on Sat Dec 24, 2005 at 06:37:45 AM PST

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      •  well... (none)
        Pontbriand is (or was?) DHS and in the Defense industry. But to be honest, I'm not sure why Shumard is interpreting the other guy as having some kind of government agency cover. His CV wouldn't necessarily imply that, though his travels perhaps would.

        I think it's suspicion well placed.

        -8.25, -6.26 ain't "schadenfreude" if the bastards deserve it. this is infidelica...

        by snookybeh on Sat Dec 24, 2005 at 08:00:45 AM PST

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      •  who ? (none)
        Sanchez, Fast and Miller? <snark>

        Let's just wait and see what develops on this U Mass Dartmouth hoax story.

        After learning just a fraction of Big Brother Bush's secret tricks in his domestic War on "Americans who might be Terrorists" , I for one would be very surprised if the Bushie Neocons did /not have a secret program to stack college campuses with Homeland Security or OGA 'faculty and staff' to premptively nip "potential suspected islamofascist terrorist" college campus activities in the bud. It is just their style, and everyone knows that well by this point.

        Maybe these guys  are legitimate tenure track faculty members who came on board before Bush took power. But If they were hired in, with a sparce CV , right after 911 (like that person Williams was, was and  at the  associate professor level?), it makes  people familiar with the state university academic faculty system  go "hmm'.

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