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View Diary: UMass Mao library book story is a hoax (140 comments)

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  •  I am not surprised that (4.00)
    it was a librarian's organization that sussed this out.  I remember reading a post on the original story speculating that the Dartmouth librarians ratted on the guy.   I was shocked, outraged and saddened at the thought.  Bet they were too.  

    Librarians, in general, in this country have been defenders of civil liberities and have done everything possible to protect their patrons from the thought police.  At the library where I work no record is kept of patron check outs after the books are turned in and all records of internet computer sign-up are destroyed at the end of each day.  It is not perfect but it is the best we can do.  

    I hope the little shit realizes that what he did was a slur and an insult to those good people who helped him everyday find the materials he needed to pass his courses.  He owes them a huge apology.

    •  true (none)
      Most librarians I know, even the ones who vote Republican, are huge supporters of civil liberties. As pathetic as it is that this young man made this story up, I suppose it's a relief that no one incriminated him.
    •  and when people sign up (none)
      to use the internet at our library, we insist they use their first names only, they can call themselves elvis or sajacawea for all we care, we don't check, if it their "real name" and we DO destroy the list daily.

      On a planetary scale, habitat and life are interchangeable.

      by libbys mom on Sat Dec 24, 2005 at 03:35:34 PM PST

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