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View Diary: The Risen Book: Is That All There Is? Afraid Not. (90 comments)

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  •  DAMMIT IT'S NOT 500 PEOPLE (none)
    Kerr wrote:
    why would the program be designed so that it also tapped the calls of 500 or so people in the United States

    Countless times I have heard people mention the "500 people" number without qualification, as if that was the total number. It's 500 people on any given day, meaning almost certainly many thousands of people over the years. In an interview the other day, Risen made it sound like those 500 people per day might change very frequently, which sounds to me like the number could very easily be in the hundreds of thousands.

    Please stop letting people get away with using the number 500 in the context of this scandal. It's a pointless number, and only serves to diminish the perceived scope of this eavesdropping. Even those of us who mean well do a disservice to the cause by even mentioning it.

    It's not 500. It's tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans.


    •  I was actually wondering... (none)
      If someone knows it's "500 people" then there must be a list of WHO those 500 are / were...let's have it!

      But as you point out, the "500" number is just more spin trying to trivialize a huge crime.

      •  Clarifying (4.00)
        The number 500 is from the original NYT article, where it clearly and plainly says there were about 500 people being listened to on any given day, and thousands over the years. Nobody "knows" that it's 500 people - everyone who actually read the article -- or who is involved in the program -- knows that it's tens or even hundreds of thousands.

        Don't hold your breath for that list.


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