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  •  National Health Care (4.00)
    And what is the most visible product the gov't provides us? The driving experience.
    I wonder if you haven't just hit the nail on the head there for why Europe tends to be far more liberal than the US? After all, the most visible experience of government I think we get is the quality of our healthcare.
    •  Outstanding observation (none)
      And I wonder if that dynamic is why the rethugs are so threatened by the concept of national heathcare?

      Maybe it's not money for the corporate cronies. Maybe it's actually that demonstrating that gov't can be good for you, have a worthwhile product to offer, would devastate their entire ideology.

      The dark at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming age.

      by peeder on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 04:16:25 PM PST

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