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  •  So What You're Saying Is That Cars (4.00)
    Don't really have anything to do with Republicanism, but that Republicans are in wide open rural spaces where things are far apart, which should come as no big surprise to anyone.

    The theory could just as easily be changed to reflect that maybe Republicanism is borne from living far away from major cultural institutions.  Places like the Smithsonian or the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Or maybe Republicanism has to do with living far away from major education centers like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, Cornell, or UC Berkeley.

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    Laying a Smackdown on the Ass Clowns

    by karateexplosions on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 07:17:57 AM PST

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    •  Indeed, Republicans are in wide open rural spaces (none)
      BUT - and this is important - I've found they can be lurking almost anywheres - DON'T LET DOWN YOUR GUARD NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!!
    •  Well, not wholly (none)

      I submit that I know a half-dozen Republicans who live in or around San Francisco. 100% of them own cars and commute to work in them. I know three dozen Democrats who live in the same area (well, more than that, but about three dozen that I can call to mind and know how they get to work). Slightly more than 50% of them own cars, and about 25% of them commute to work in their cars. (I know several walkers, several bikers, lots of people who ride mass transit, a couple who ride in company-sponsored vans and such, and one person who carpools.)

      This includes two Republicans who actually live IN San Francisco, and work IN San Francisco, and could get to work on one Muni line without changing trains/busses, but most often drive to work.

      So it may not be causal, but it's not the 'wide open rural spaces' thing that I can see.


      •  I'm Convinced Now (4.00)
        So there are people in San Francisco who could take mass transit but don't.  And they're Republicans.  

        And then all the people who you know that take mass transit are Democrats.

        Therefore, cars = Republicans?

        I live in a fairly large city.  There is a pretty decent mass transit system here.  I use it when I can.  I didn't realize that all the people on the bus with me are Democrats.  They would probably be surprised to know that too, especially the old lady who carries her Bible on the bus every day and rails about how kids aren't allowed to pray in school or how "Democrats want to take away the 10 Commandments".  Or the five or six people who always nod their heads in agreement with her idiotic bullshit.

        And I will have to let my friends who drive to work know that they are really Republicans even if they voted straight Dem since JFK.  My friend who commutes to work with the "YEE HAW is not sound foreign policy" and "CHIMPEACH" and the "Support Our Troops - Bring Them Home" bumperstickers on the back of his car is going to be crushed to discover that he is actually a Republican.  

        I'm not sure what that makes me though.  Sometimes I take mass transit.  On those days, I guess I'm Howard Dean.  Other times I drive.  I guess those days, I'm Orrin Hatch.  And when I go to visit my family a couple states away, I drive there too, which I guess makes me Rick Santorum getting blown by John Cornyn while shoving Sam Brownback up my ass.  

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        Laying a Smackdown on the Ass Clowns

        by karateexplosions on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 10:44:30 AM PST

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      •  "A half dozen Republicans (none)
        who live in San Francisco."

        That means you know every registered Republican in the city! :)

    •  Cornell?? (none)
      Drive about fifteen miles outside Ithaca. Totally different world.

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