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  •  Excellent Gladwell piece. (4.00)
    The killer in the piece is at the end of section 1 after the bit on designing PT Cruisers with Clotaire Rapaille and it speaks to a whole host of cultural FUBARs:
    But that's the puzzle of what has happened to the automobile world: feeling safe has become more important than actually being safe.
    Apply that to claims vs reality on FEMA, foreign policy, Clean Skies or Healthy Forests and the idea of PR Nation really takes hold. Absent authentic choices and understanding how "authentic" is perceived and pinged, off the rack and polyester will do if you beat your chest and sew that poly into stars and stripes shirts. Even the half-assed, half-beligerent side of what it means to be "American" wins absent a decent mythopoetic alternative.

    We use Rapaille's method to find the core of places and brands for clients, remarkably sticky--and seemingly counter-intutive, if you're a wonk or a finance type. (Too hard to quantify for them, not enough numbers, too R-Complex.) Speaking of too smart for their own good and misunderestimating of the shocking power of emotion in the human animal, Democrats need to talk to Rapaille, not Lakoff. He has the key.

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