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  •  A lot of people are going to be alienated (4.00)
    when they wake up to realize that their cheap-oil-dependent lifestyle of rural livin' is a farce based on lies about endless resources that don't exist.

    Restrict people's choices? How about the fact that I can't choose to live in a community where everyone walks and rides bikes, even though tens of thousands of people in my city would love to live that way? Who asked us about OUR preferred lifestyle choices and values? And why should I compromise MY moral values so a bunch of overweight burdens on our health care system can continue to live in a dreamland of cracker jack tract homes, soul-sucking Mal-Marts the size of Rhode Island, endless middle-east oil and encumbant wars, V6 engines and bumper-to-bumper pavement from sea to shining sea? All so we can drive endlessly, needlessly, lazily, because - hey, it's convenient?

    I am sick of having my moral values offended every stinkin' day by the American absurdist automotive obsession. And I will not apologize if my morality offends those I find to be immoral. Dude.

    I am the federal government.

    by mateosf on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 10:41:23 AM PST

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