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  •  Mass rail transit (4.00)
    When I saw the headline I knew I had to read this, because it's a phenomenom I've picked up on as well. One thing that encourages me, though it's not nearly as widespread as it should be, is the grow of light rail transit in our cities. I believe that where there's mass rail transportation, people get the sense that we're all in this together, and are far less likely to vote conservative. No wonder Republicans hate Amtrak, etc. (Delay has vigorously opposed rail transit expansion in Houston).The one time I've ever applauded Bill Frist was a few months ago when he secured federal funding to finish a commuter rail system in Nashville (about the biggest area of metropolitan sprawl in the country), due to start in April with one route and with plans to expand in other directions. Rail transit systems (Americans are far, far, far more likely to use mass transit if it's rail rather than bus) are expanding around the country, from Los Angeles to Denver to northern Virginia (though unfortunately Washington Metro's expansion past Dulles airport isn't due to be finished until 2015, with the first stations to open in 2011). This should be a number one agenda for Democrats, as it's beneficial for energy savings/independence, revitalizing urban centers, preventing sprawl, improving public health/reducing stress, and more. See for more.

    Buckle your handbaskets, America.

    by Soy Lechithin on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 12:16:12 PM PST

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