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  •  you have a persecution complex (none)
    And see insults everywhere.  

    I love the South, by the way.  Visit my sister and her family there as often as I can.  

    So before you pipe up with more self-pitying paranoia... don't bother.

    •  Well, I'm going to bother (none)
      Don't assume you know me. I wasn't born and raised in the South. I moved here due to circumstances.

      You love the South? Good for you. I had to learn to like it. I'm a stranger in a strange land and have had to learn to adapt to living here.

      And I don't think I see insults everywhere or have a paranoia complex. I just see elitist snobs everywhere I turn at dkos.

      I'm not a slacker...I'm just surrounded by overachievers!

      by arkylib on Wed Jan 04, 2006 at 01:41:03 PM PST

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