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    I got to thinking about the stated causes I have listed for Republicanism, and they only satisfy a certain group Republicans very well.

    The other ones simply don't understand how societies work.  When they live in their relative luxury, they don't understand that they arern't full responsible for that position.

    They also might believe that in the long run, protecting property rights really does create the maximum happiness.  They would grant that it causes some misery but are pragmatic in how that misery would compare to an alternate system.

    They also don't understand democracy.  They think that by invading a country and deposing a dictator and holding some elections that a democracy is born.  They don't understand how many institutions are necessary for a functioning democracy.

    Some of it has to do with selfishness and shortsightedness, but a lot of it has to do with a an inaccurate understanding of social organization, and at some level, how the universe works.

    I see the car as a minor player.

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