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    The Republican message feeds on fear and on the feeling that "our way of life is under attack."  This message contains the following elements:  fear of minorities, xenophobia, fear of complexity and legal limitations, nostalgia for the good old days, symbolism, symbolistic patriotism, punitiveness, anger, and aggression.

    The Democrats can only compete if they lay claim to at least one of these emotional domains.  In my opinion, the best option lies with nostalgia.  Nostalgia can be wrapped into an "old fashioned Yankee spirit patriotism."

    Fear mongering lends itself to talk radio, and to sloganeering.  I do not believe that the Democrats can compete in that.  Democrats need to start calling the right wing noise machine a cancer on America, an un-American phenomenon, a dividing force that goes against all American traditions and principles.  They need to put the right-wingers on the defensive, and they need to start making their own fear pitch:  these right wingers are destroying everything we fought for in World War II, they are destroying America, and we need to stop them.  Every Republican politican needs to be put on the defensive about Limbaugh's open racism and O'Reilly's open anti-semitism.

    As I have explained in an earlier diary, the defensive circle-the-wagons mindset of being under attack, sadly means that corruption will be tolerated by "us" and "folks like us" as long as they are "one of us", and as long as they help us defend our way of life against "them."  This is why Enron gained no traction and had no political impact.  I am afraid that this will limit the impact of Abramoffgate.

    Having said that, however, I also believe that indictments are very powerful, and that indictments that reach into the White House will have a catastrophic political impact on the Republicans.

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