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View Diary: Reid Nails Bush and Republicans; w/ Video Link (117 comments)

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  •  Cheney (4.00)
    was just in the mideast trying to get moderate Arab states like Egypt to send troops to Iraq, and probably strong-arming them (threatening them with cuts in funds) to do it--since it seems highly unlikely at this stage of the game. And given how Bolton and Bush have alienated the U.N. and are busy gunning for strikes on Iran, the U.N. also is likely none too eager to lend troops to what is--let's face it--a lost cause.

    No eventually we will admit defeat in Iraq, just like we did in Vietnam. That outcome is by now inevitable. The problem is the Bushies can't admit defeat (they're way too arrogant), so a more sane administration will inherit this mess.

    On another note, anyone see this article

    raising doubts about the authenticity of the recent Osama tape?  

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