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View Diary: [URGENT UPDATE]RAWSTORY SMOKING GUN: It's the Bombing Stupid! (126 comments)

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  •  Who cares? (3.50)
    Others have mentioned bits of this, but I'll pull it together.

    1.  Clinton was conducting similar bombing on a smaller scale.  If this is the "smoking gun" then Clinton is guilt of war crimes as well, even if his smoking gun is of a smaller caliber.

    2. Congress almost certainly knew about this, including Democrats.  Maybe John Conyers was in the dark, but until I see some evidence that not even those on the Armed Services and Intelligence committes had any inkling of this, it is absurd to call this a "smoking gun" of anything.  If Joe Biden didn't care, that's an indictment of Joe Biden not an impeachable offense by Bush.

    3.  Iraq's sovereignty was Iraq's problem.  Unless I'm mistaken, Iraq wasn't making much of a peep about its country being bombed (aside from the general complaints about the enforcement of the No-Fly zones).  If someone can point me to a single instance where Iraq essentially said "Hey, wait a second! This isn't defensive bombing of radar facilities.  This is offensive attacking without provocation."  I'd be interested in seeing it.

    4. The rolling start.  It may be true that Congress had not yet authorized an attack, but the President anticipated the potential for one.  Leaving aside Bush's illigitimate grounds for invasion, if a president  legitimately believes that another country poses an imminent threat and legitimately believes that an invasion may be imminent and legitimately believes that Congress will authorize force, that president may legitimately conduct preparatory military operations.  If this was Wes Clark we were talking about, nobody here would be criticizing the rolling start strategy.  But since it is Bush, there is a lot of knee-jerk criticism.

    Bush deserves to be criticized. For lying.  For failing to plan.  For failing to care.  But getting hysterical about softening up Iraq, which, let's be fair, 99% of the country wouldn't give a crap about if the war was legitimate, only makes Dems look ridiculous.
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