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  •  Tribute to Pat Paulsen - Colbert 4 Pres!!! (3+ / 0-)
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    I once had the great fortune of meeting and even working with Pat Paulsen in about 1984.  He spent half a day at our San Antonio Radio Station, and for a couple hours I had the pleasure of engineering and producing some recorded material for radio, following Pat's 'co-hosting' a live morning show with the station personalities and the South Texas audience.  Of course, he was (as always) campaigning for the Presidency at the time.  

    He was really funny on the air that day, and a nice, relaxed guy to be around.  Campaign Slogan -

    "We are upping our standards ... so up yours."
    Pat Paulsen for President!

    After reading the incredible text of Colbert's WH writers dinner, I was also WOWED!

    I started watching John Stewart about 3 years ago, but in the past year I've become a HUGE fan of the Daily Show AND 'Le Colbear Rapport.'  

    I think it's silly to compare Colbert to somebody in Letterman's role, as I read in a couple comments.  Dave's not really doing a 'character' portrayal...BUT STEPHEN CERTAINLY IS!  And I can only agree with all the 'commenters' I see here, who are completely knocked out by Colbert's sizzling  satirical send-up of 'Wingnut in Wingtips.'  

    I agree with the assessment that the Report is consistently well-written.  Stephen's character is predictably insane in all-too-familiar ways.  Amazingly, Colbert's 'Daily' performance of this character matches the sharpness of the content.  Yet, this clearly artful 'comic actor' seems to have friend and foe alike - over a barrel of laughs, so to speak.  He has a subtly funny way of letting anybody who wants - to be 'in on the joke.'

    No matter the bizarro, over-the-top behavior of politicians AND press on the Colbert Report, the message KNOW that the truth has gotta be even stranger, and what an AWFUL acknowledgement indeed!

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