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View Diary: Two-term incumbent repeatedly smears unpaid staffer (me) (185 comments)

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  •  Kline's 'Macaca' Moment! (13+ / 0-)

    David, have courage, friend.  It sucks that you got targeted by these assmunches, but have faith!  Like others have said, this should be rather easy to throw back in his face.

    I recommend you do a campaign commercial about this happening.  You (your story) can be the focus of the piece, and Colleen can come out toward the end and, looking directly into the camera, call on Kline to challenge HER instead of her volunteer staff.  You can call Kline out on being a typical coward and bully, which is why he chose to attack you instead of Colleen (heh, he's probably afraid of Colleen, considering she's ex-FBI and all), and you can challenge him to refer to his OWN RECORD if he's truly serious about working for the people of MN.  Maybe you could even title it "The politics of desperation" or something like that.  It doesn't have to be negative, per se, but I think you should consider calling attention to the smear-mailers and stuff.  

    I also encourage you to make your own press release and fax it to every media outlet you can think of.  You could email it too.  But it is obvious that the media is lazy as hell, so if you do the press release FOR them, they may be more inclined to report it.

    Good luck!  Remember, make some lemonade from these lemons.  It could really be a gift in disguise.

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