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View Diary: Two-term incumbent repeatedly smears unpaid staffer (me) (185 comments)

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  •  Wrong (2+ / 0-)
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    GopherHeel, texaspixie

    For everyone here who is talking about getting a lawyer or suing for libel, stop right now.  There is no claim whatsoever.

    What happened here is that you fucked up and Kline busted you for it.  Rowley, who has run about the shittiest congressional campaign in history, has to do a better job of controlling those who are working for her and/or speaking on her behalf.  

    Tämä Mia Dolan on ihan hirveä (That Mia Dolan is just awful or This Mia Dolan is made of Moose )

    by Mia Dolan on Thu Aug 17, 2006 at 01:32:43 PM PDT

    •  I'm glad you're not my lawyer. (5+ / 0-)

      Oh wait--you're not the diarist's lawyer either--yet here you are giving legal advice. Hmmmm....

      If you had bothered to read the chronology, you would realize that he was not part of Rowley's campaign when he made the visit to Kline's offices.

      Furthermore, any lawyer I know would not give advice on a blog. They would recommend contacting a lawyer and asking if this was actionable based on the facts presented. Here in CA that can be arranged through the county Bar Association for a nominal fee.

      Yes, there are a lot of people here egging him on. But, as far as I can tell, none of them have identified themselves as lawyers.

      •  Right (0+ / 0-)

        Of course none of the people egging him on are lawyers, because any lawyer worth their shit would know there is no claim here. And I am not giving legal advice, I am offering up my opinion as to whether the claim has merit.  Here is my legal advice, though:  diarist, you don't have a case.  In fact, I think Kline has a better case against you for this lame diary.

        If I was Colleen Rowley, I would dump this guy as quickly as possible.  

        Tämä Mia Dolan on ihan hirveä (That Mia Dolan is just awful or This Mia Dolan is made of Moose )

        by Mia Dolan on Thu Aug 17, 2006 at 02:24:43 PM PDT

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    •  Mia Dolan (0+ / 0-)

      Mia, in this thread you have:

      1.  claimed to be a lawyer
      1.  given legal advice, e.g. the above statement that "There is no claim whatsoever."

      I'm thinking you probably should identify yourself now, by something other than an anagram for "I am an old".  Perhaps a link to your firm and your name, or your bar information.

      Would "another" lawyer on here be so kind as to explain for us what the penalties are for a non-lawyer to claim to be a lawyer and offer legal advice, or for a lawyer to offer legal advice that is faulty in a public forum.

    •  really? (3+ / 0-)

      This occurred on February 27.  I joined Coleen Rowley's campaign on May 6.

      Mia, I will stand with you when I agree with you, even with the cranky language .. but not this time.

      So, you are saying that a person's actions, made before they become part of a campaign are to be held against them.

      For how long?
      In perpetuity?

      What exactly was done 'wrong'. I know what your language says, but pertaining to the diarists post, what did he do wrong. Seriously, I'd hate to repeat a mistake he made, other than being a little clumsy trying to find where to get information from, and trying to make his point.  

      Cash donations are illegal? Really?

      No kidding. Didn't know that. Got a link to show they are? I happen to have this one. Maybe, it's out of date, or doesn't apply.

      I was not aware that cash donations were illegal. If you've got proof that they are, a cash donation for $10, please .. let us all know.

      Post your facts. You make some serious charges about how screwed up this person is, but yet I see nothing that would leave me with that impression. What am I missing?

      •  OK (3+ / 0-)

        My point was not that John Kline isn't an asshole, or that what he did here was not misleading and slimy.  It was that what he did is not actionable.  

        My understanding was that the illegal part was the contibution at the government office, not the cash part.  And Kline didn't have to check to see when the diarist joined the campaign.  Later on he just put together the fact that someone on Rowley's staff had come into his office.  And even if I'm wrong on this, so what?

        Defamation claims are very hard to prove, and in cases involving politics, they are really really really really hard to prove.  You can say just about anything you want and won't be able to prove defamation.  Even if Kline's claims are only partially true, that is enough to sink a defamation claim.  

        It drives me nuts that people read this diary and go woo-hoo we've got Kline now.  Not only are they wrong about the law, they are wrong about the politics.  Any serious congressional candidate would have fired this guy instantly.  You cannot maintain your own political blog and say controversial things while working for a campaign.  That is just a huge fuck-up.  And the bit about going to his office and trying to offer money to get on the list or whatever was just lame.  Kline was right to call him out, even though he went over the top with it.

        Rowley is not running a serious campaign, though.  Hers is one of the few (and maybe the only) races that has been downgraded by Cook and some of the other congressional race rating services.  I see people here commenting on the fact that she posted a picture of Kline dressed up as Colonel Klink from Hogan's heros on her website.  Even though Kline is an asshole, he was a real colonel and served honorably.  Kline will probably win by 20 points.

        There is a real chance for Democratic pick-ups in the 1st (Tim Walz) and 6th districts (Patty Wetterling).  Send your money to one of these deserving candidates instead of this rathole.  

        Tämä Mia Dolan on ihan hirveä (That Mia Dolan is just awful or This Mia Dolan is made of Moose )

        by Mia Dolan on Thu Aug 17, 2006 at 04:32:15 PM PDT

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        •  Dood made a great picture, which is fine for a (1+ / 0-)
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          Data Pimp

          blog .. but it is unacceptable on a candidate's website. That part I agree with.

          But I have yet to see proof that Dood's work was posted on the campaign website .. {anyone?}

          .. ummm .. and uh .. that's about it, this time that I can agree with you on this one. Sorry about that.  

          And as far as the legal 'shenanigans' go .. it's not the legal case of law that is important on the defamation aspect .. it's the public opinion aspect that is everything . That's what hardball politics is all about.

          And while I think this whole thing is being blown a bit out of proportion, the facts are Kline is clearly appearing as the bully here. That meme is being picked up by the press, too. It can be a bit dangerous, playing in the minefield, but I think it's Kline that's stuck smack dab in the middle of this one.

          •  Col. Klink (1+ / 0-)
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            it was on the campaign website, and she had to publicly apologize.

            Tämä Mia Dolan on ihan hirveä (That Mia Dolan is just awful or This Mia Dolan is made of Moose )

            by Mia Dolan on Thu Aug 17, 2006 at 05:02:03 PM PDT

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            •  well, THATwas a stupid thing to do .. (0+ / 0-)

              I love Dood Abides work, but most, make that just about all of it, does not belong on candidate's web sites. Not even the blogs.

              Worse has been done .. much worse; the RNC itself has done itself proud with the subtle photoshopping of Howard Dean. And that wasn't on their blog, either.  

              At least Coleen had the good sense to remove the offending picture.

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