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View Diary: Murtha Speaks - Rumsfeld Resign - Troops Aren't Ready (170 comments)

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    Keith, Jon, Stephen and sometimes Lou Dobbs.  I became a huge news junkie while my son spent a year in Afghanistan until this July and I am still the news junkie. My son was actually laughing out loud watching Colbert drink a beer on the show while interviewing the Democratic, ex-Navy congressrunner from NJ last night. (Saxton against Sexton, he did a great job by the way) My son is giving up his 20 year National Guard, 2nd career plans after 6 years due to the corruption and fraud of our tax-payer dollars by Cheney no-bid, no oversight corporations against our soldiers and the poor people with missing supplies, security, equipment and infrastructure repair.  Our military also wonders why Rummy-Bushco got away with ignoring repairing Afghanistan, finding Bin Ladin and removing the Taliban for 5 years and then started bombing innocent civilian areas this spring to route out a few Taliban.  Where are the War Crime Charges?  My son ran an Afghani National Army Depot and made Afghani friends and had an interpreter that had several degrees and spoke 5 languages fluently.  He and his guys are just sick that our administration has gotten away with screwing the poor people with their corporate "War Profiteering" and "War Crimes".

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