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View Diary: Bush Caused Spinach E. Coli. Expect More of this!!! (33 comments)

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  •  Good Grief, I once worked for .... (2+ / 0-)
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    cotterperson, dolphin777

    a top level manager who "organized" and managed in a similar way.  This organization that had the responsibility to do x was called on to do y.  Then, you've got two orgs "supposedly" doing the same thing and fighting for turf.  You get employees in y org who KNOW their job being told they're inept because employees in x org are doing better (and they're not trained or experienced so their mistakes are obvious).

    It was a mess.  I worked on staff and I had a mouth and would just tell him that it was screwed up.  I was not liked by the managers who clicked their heels though.

    We called it the "pinball management" style.  Bing bing bing, people bouncing around TRYING to perform only to be flipped from post to post .... until you got the periodic TILT.

    He was finally removed but not before creating havoc for years.  And I liked the guy personally.  He just needed to sit down and LISTEN to people who knew how to do their jobs.  

    Bush ISN'T like this guy (who slept about 3 hours a night)... so someone up there may be.

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