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View Diary: FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Monday Edition **UPDATED** (146 comments)

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    PLEASE do not drink the kool-aid.

    WHY should you trust polls?

    Use them, but always with a grain of salt!

    What makes you think the RETHUGS are not at this very minute using bribes, threats, etc. to get the pollsters to report a decay of the numbers as we head into the election?

    REGARDLESS of what the polls show, WE MUST CONTINUE FULL-BORE in our efforts to GOTV for our candidates, and WE MUST THEN ASSUME that they won.

    When polls close, we must ALL including ALL DEMS you know, head to our local Registrar of Voters offices and be THERE, dressed in BLUE, and ready to challenge if ANY irregularities and apparent chicanery happens:

    If the Ukraine can do it, WE can do it.

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