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View Diary: If you earned less than $100,000 your tax cut was $158.61. (11 comments)

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  •  Different cutoff salary (3+ / 0-)

    A lot of families in the US who are struggling earn over $100,000 dollars a year.  This argument misses the point.  However the details about the breakdown of the taxpayers over $100,000 makes the point.

    What is the share of the tax cut for folks above and below $500,000 a year ($250,000 being a high-income small businessman, the higher end of middle management compensation, and the lower end of executive compensation for major corporations).

    The $100,000 figure tells two-income suburbanites to vote Republican.  Doing the same calculation for a higher income would clearly show that the Republicans are not acting in their interests.

    •  9 out of 10 Americans make under $100,000 (0+ / 0-)

      The point I was making was that the vast majority of Americans did NOT benefit from the tax cuts. If fact let me recap, if you earn less than $100,000 (88% of the US) you got a tax cut of $158.61. The 15 million jobs Bush promised would happen because of the tax cuts, are not occurring. The GDP
      has slowed to 1.6%. There is serious talk of a recession. The tax cuts have caused record debt and record deficits. Your Children now owe
      $10,326.09 each to pay back the debt, this number will only grow. Those making over $100,000 received a tax cut of $4,754.57.
      Republicans say that Democrats will raise your taxes.

      What American is not willing to pay $158.61, so their Children will
      not have to pay $10,326.09? I will tell you. Republicans are not willing.

      Time will Tell all the Truth VT, Virtual Truth

      by VirtualTruth on Thu Nov 02, 2006 at 03:21:07 PM PST

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