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  •  Two left hands (none)
    Because the left hand is closest to the heart.
    •  What do the (none)
      bodies at the base represent?

      Bushwa (BUSH-wa): nonsense; bull.

      by Leslie in CA on Mon May 10, 2004 at 02:31:05 PM PDT

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      •  Warring communities coming together (none)
        Hands reaching out to each other. The conflict was very racial in nature -- with indigenous people discriminated against by the monied European ruling class.
        •  this (none)
          made me sob.  Thanks for the reminder, Kos, that there are ideals and that we fight the good fight for a reason.  I need tissues.
        •  Aspiring for Peace (none)
          Kos, thank you so much for this post.  With the ugliness that is so much part of today's news, this essay shows that it doesn't have to always be that way.  

          The people of Guatemala have learned a very hard lesson, yet show that they can bravely try to get past the anger and violence that tore them assunder.  

          We will need to hold our own memorials for our part in foisting war on the world.  Perhaps someday we'll have enough love and compassion in our hearts to even forgive those who drove us into this place.  And perhaps someday we can find a way to reconcile with the people we damaged so much.

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