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  •  I wanted to be a parole officer when (1+ / 0-)
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    mariachi mama

    I was in college many years ago.  I was told it was a "political" job and since I didn't know any political types except my sleepwalking precinct worker - it was not possible.  I suspect there are many people who are shut out because of this.

    A friend of mine, a young, attractive woman, an actress and writer, became a CO in Arizona.  Because there were no other jobs - this is a big business -- corrections.  I know nothing about the system, so appreciate the diary.  btw, she's out now - she hated it but hung on for medical and rent money for about 2 years.  She was good too - though the male COs had problems with her.  

    I fall into the well-meaning but probably clueless liberal here.  It troubles me that some young kids get into the prison system and can't afford a lawyer while the real criminals in DC are making fortunes and living well.  That is really disgusting to me - sometimes you just need a break when you're young.    

    I have no patience with people who grow old at 60 just because they are entitled to a bus pass. Mary Wesley, British novelist

    by xanthe on Mon Apr 09, 2007 at 05:31:49 AM PDT

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