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  •  My birth son (0+ / 0-)

    is a high-functioning autistic child. (It was an open adoption, and we are still very much in touch; when schedules permit he will be visiting with his parents to look at my family photos.)

    I find the occasional mention of ADD being somehow linked (perhaps there's a weak genetic link?) to the autism spectrum to be a very interesting thing; both my husband and I have ADD (his is hyperactive, mine is inattentive) and our two sons are also ADD; one inattentive and one hyperactive. And the inattentive one, like his mother, prefers to be alone, finds routines deeply comforting, has to have things done just a certain way (though he's gotten more flexible as he's gotten older), has odd enthusiasms for certain topics, has intolerances to certain things like tags in his clothing and wrinkles in his socks and pictures on his shirts and rocks when tired or stressed. But he's not considered to be autistic, any more than I am.

    However, I do like the notion of spectrum, and the phrase "non-neurotypical". None of us in this house are neurotypical. But the bills get paid and the yard gets mowed and everyone gets to work and school, mostly with what they were supposed to take, and we're managing.

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