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  •  I saw on the local cable news (4+ / 0-)
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    here in MA a real reporter had challenged Card about his role in the attempted Ashcroft hospital coup in cohoots with Abu Gonzales. He looked nervous and stumbled with his speech and kept to the talking point that Junyah himself used to deflect questions "it is a classified program can't talk about it" bs. Even though the persistent reporter asked if his actions were ethical...kept on filibustering with "classified program, can't talk about it".

    Anyway, as I sit here I just saw Card Protest U/Mass story on the same local cable news program. Yippee! The reporter said he was nominated last fall for it by an anonymous faculty member and that the board of trustees accepted it and wouldn't backdown when a large portion of the faculty and student body protested over the "free" Phd Card was to receive.

    What I want to know is why is that faculty member anonymous...what a coward if he/she really thought it was an appropriate gesture and Card was really worthy of it, why the anonymity? (okay I really know the answer to this)

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