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View Diary: UPDATED: Shaming Card w/video! (45 comments)

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  •  There have been protests by students and faculty (8+ / 0-)

    ever since his nomination was announced. The trustees chose to ignore those protests, and drove the rest of the community to what you see here. In the end they gave the protests far more visibility - I bet bits of this video make national news.

    I don't get the impression that it overshadowed the day - a very large majority of the students did not want Card to receive that degree in the name of U. Mass, and the demonstration during the ceremony was confined pretty much to the time on the video. Far less disruptive than a student cracking open champagne, which I have seen (fortunately not often).

    •  Trustees ignoring the will of students? (1+ / 0-)
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      Jeez, this shit is contagious.  Sort of like kids following their parents behavior.  Bush ignores the will of the people, Congress ignores the will of the people, and college trustees ignore the will of the people.  
      Democracy is barely hanging by a thread.  Actually, it looks dead.

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