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View Diary: Iraq Embassy Unsafe to Occupy - the Stench of Formaldehyde and Corruption (228 comments)

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    This is the final, aboslute proof of American exceptionalism! No one in the world needs more. There can no longer be any doubt. When will the American people, whoever they may be they appear to be quite insensitive, get finally and definitvely sick of their embarrasing leaders? Even most third-world countries can build buildings that are inhabitable. Oh, how the Supreme Court, specifically in the person of Ms. S. Day O'Connor, betrayed those American people on December 12, 2000. As Gore Vidal said, that was the day the Republic ended. And it did, you see, despite the euphoria over the election result last November. Are the Democrats screaming in Congress? They're maneuvering instead, but to what end is entirely unclear. To no end, it seems. Simple to the end until they get screwed again.

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