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View Diary: Iraq Embassy Unsafe to Occupy - the Stench of Formaldehyde and Corruption (228 comments)

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  •  urea formaldehyde resins (12+ / 0-)

    The culprits are the ubiquitous polymer family of urea formaldehyde resins.  The outgassing from new building materials is remnant unpolymerized formaldehyde.  Urea formaldehyde resins are the glue in particle board.

    It seems like the building materials industry should be forced to institute a set of curing procedures, so that the outgassing can be completed before installation in construction.  I am unaware of whether or not this occurs, but the commonness of the problem seems to indicate a need for some type of regulatory action.  

    The polymerization of urea and formaldehyde is a hydrolysis mechanism, furthermore, so very basic or acid conditions can cause the reverse reaction also, so there is some question as to whether the resins themselves are stable in all conditions of their installation.

    It's hard to get a fix on the scope and severity of this problem.  The quantities of these resins used in construction are enormous, millions and millions of tons, but problems don't seem to occur except in certain very new types of construction, such as FEMA trailers or this embassy, or as another commenter mentioned, among the chemically sensitive, who have a hard time having their conditions recognized, let alone being able to assign cause with specificity.

    Stop the bullshit.

    by wetzel on Thu Jul 05, 2007 at 04:12:36 AM PDT

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