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  •  running scared (6+ / 0-)

    The Republicans are in danger of being a smaller minority than ever.  When the rich get richer snd the poor get poorer, there are more voting poor people, so there has been a very cynical ad campaign to convince Americans to be scared.  I wish information would be enough to counter these ad campaigns, and information certainly can't hurt, but they're playing to a group of people who feel angry and bitter and want to blame someone, want to put a face on their internal discord. They went too far, however, even the rich people are leaving them, and soon they'll have only discontents on their side.  This is why I fear Bush will bomb Iran, except for that it'll also help his pal Putin get more money for his oil, in order to scare people even more.  That's the weak point of democracies, that are anyway far far better than any other form of government. The ones who must have power must go very far in order to 'win' and 'steal' elections.  

    •  They've gone so far (8+ / 0-)

      as you say, and yet too many Democrats are still afraid to challenge them, despite how marginalized they are.

      •  yeah (3+ / 0-)
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        they get tougher challenges from within their own ranks. The good spin is that the Democrats know how important it is to take back our democracy and they don't trust the people to 'see through' rovian attempts to label them unappetizing and again vote against our own interest.  Americans can pay 'poll service' to ideas like, let 'em have an up or down vote,' and 'support our troops.' According to polls Americans are profoundly confused about what's the right thing to do.  They want the dem's to end the war, but if they cut off funding and George Bush punished our troops to make a political point, the dem's would be blamed, because they should have know what George would do.  Like the vote for war authorization that was 'sold' as giving Bush more clout to demand compliance.  Hillary really should have known he'd only use the war authorization part, and now that we know even Saddam was willing to be 'bought off,' which would have completely removed any of his support at home, and saved our kids lives and limbs, everyone knows his rationale for war authorization was a lie, but we, even I, still blame her for not seeing through his lies, guessing correctly that he was lying, and voted against it.  It's hard to win when the opposition doesn't feel bound to be truthful about anything  Our dem's are being to my mind way too careful, but we must win in 08, that's not in dispute.  

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