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  •  What do you Mean Nothing Particularly Wrong? (none)
    Now I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with this.

    For starters, it is a safety risk.  Overcrowded buildings are great stages for disaster.  Then, you've got the security aspects of handing out credentials to third, fourth and fifth parties.  So, to say that nothing is particularly wrong with this is, well, wrong. Finally, it's just a plain annoyance to find you can't get to your seat because its filled with three rubberneckers who didn't go through the motions or qualify ahead of time for credentials.

    If such breaches occur at the rnc, I'm sure that the blogging world will construe them in all possible nefarious ways.

    •  I'd feel bad for a delegate (none)
      who busted ass working for the party and then found themselves crowded out by some hack insider's friend who got snuck in.
      •  It happened. (none)
        I met a delegate who it happened to. I think she was from South Carolina, but I could be wrong. And she was pissed--you're absolutely right, she had busted ass for the party.

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