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View Diary: Noam Chomsky on U.S. policy towards Iran (223 comments)

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  •  Friedman is actually a dangerous (16+ / 0-)

    joke. His platitudes sound almost reasonable, but they mask a deeply aggresive attitude and a deeply warped vision of reality.

    Remember his "suck on this" remark? He was talking about invading a country--practically any country in the Middle East--to demonstrate "our will".

    "Will"...when people talk about "will" in such a context it brings up inevitable comparisons with Nietszche and the whole fucking brownshirt "will to power" nonsense.

    You don't express "will" by bombing a country "up to the stone age" as Clinton once phrased the bombing of Afghanistan. Such expressions inevitably effect the poorest and the weakest in the target state. To make these kind of oafish and insanely simplistic statements speaks to an utterly sterile imagination. There are no people apparently effected by a 'bombing' campaign--it's all about vague signs and symbols that will be suitably digested over drinks and appetizers and spewed back in a daily column using some hackneyed metaphor as an expression: "Let them eat war", perhaps.

    Thomas Friedman pretty much typifies what's wrong with the entire Washington village mentality. Simple men and women, almost uniformally emptied of imagination and compassion, given the most powerful communications and military force on earth.


    If you want to guarantee a Republican President, vote for Hillary in the primaries. She's the single strongest unifying force the Republican party has.

    by DelicateMonster on Tue Nov 20, 2007 at 06:57:55 AM PST

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