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    Putting the situation into words seems almost corny, but I’ll do it anyway. Some Americans truly believe the nationalistic propaganda they are fed from early childhood: they actually believe there is no better way of life anywhere else in the world because they only know the United States intimately and cannot judge. It’s surely a rude awakening for many an American when the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave turns into a propagator of torture chambers. When all the lies fed to the American people by unscrupulous leaders come to light, those who once believed in the "city on the hill" are flabbergasted.  Sure, it happens in other countries, too, but some Americans thought they were something new, something special. As I said, it may sound corny, but it’s true. No wonder there are Americans who want to turn their back on the United States of America.

    Your explanation of the Chinese for America should mention that the name, 美国, Měiguó (Beautiful Country), tries to reflect the pronunciation, and the Chinese strive to use positive, attractive characters to render such a name. Therefore, I don’t think too much attention should be paid to the literal translation. If Chinese were rendering the name today, they might prefer 魅国,Mèigúo,  Demon Country.

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