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View Diary: Is it too late for progressive farm and food policy reforms? Critical decisions facing Congress (22 comments)

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  •  Its not all big business, its fucking knucklehead (1+ / 0-)
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    's that can't give an inch. I'm so damn sick of the direction my party is going i may set out this election.

    I have been involved in farming most of my life, have owned two farms after first losing my first one in the reagan revolution. I draw the most in government subsidies ever and am a small farmer.

    My first vote was for Hubert Humphery and I've voted Democrat every election and only strayed one time hen I had a community college talked me into voting for him as Probate Judge. That is my only republican vote in my entire life and I live in the Texas Panhandle, all RED.

    The Democrats are going to have to extend its had to small business people if they ever intend to get some of these things done.

    Get back to the progressive roots of helping the small people and qiut trying to please racial and ethnic groups because that will not last much longer  as the ethnic groups become more affluent.

    I am really angry about this Clinton Obama deal and it isn't Clinton I'm mad at.

    I would love to see a lid placed on these huge 1,000+ cow  dairy's but it will never get done unless they split the farm vote.

    Other small businesses too. A local African American couple had a small cleaning business and they had to replace their equipment but could not afford it and had to go out of business and they had a good business. True it needed to be done but the Democrats have lumped all businesses together. They should help the smaller businesses.

    I'm getting sick of the way my party has gone. BTW, I don't like Hillary either and Edwards is as close of a Progressive as we have. Obama could care less about a WORKBALE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

    I watched Saxby Chambliss ream out Dan Glickman telling he had better treat the large farmers the same as the small ones, giving them proportionally the same amount of money. I'm tired of that shit and the Democrats will not change a Blanche Linclon thing!

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