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View Diary: Prison Rape is Funny... Right?? (191 comments)

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    Just saying . . . it's a little much to have to sit through a lecture about what belongs on this site.

    And back off her boy.  He's a boy as you were once too, and we all know the fact this is in the news has NOTHING to do with him.

    Some advice: Travel lightly.

    by dbratl on Mon Jan 28, 2008 at 09:00:21 PM PST

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      ek hornbeck, bottsimons

      actually - and I think that I have enough sense to avoid the topic.

      Or at least more sensitivity.  Kinda like whatever ridiculous costume got one of the British princes in trouble...

      So, I guess my point is - you're probably right, that this wouldn't be in the news if not for the primaries.  That alone, however, is not a defense of the situation.  Nor is it reason to brush over it - or, in a diary that never even mentions Obama by name (I had no idea the two were linked until I read it in a comment by an Obama supporter, because I don't keep track of endorsements), take discussion of the topic off the table because he's your candidate's second cousin's brother's former roommate.

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        Still am actually - and I think that I have enough sense to avoid the topic.

        too bad you can't donate some of that sense to some of these commentors around here.  

        I am Tom P, the gay activist, not TomP, the Edwards supporter. I agree with him on most things, for the record. I support Edwards or Hillary.

        by Tom P on Tue Jan 29, 2008 at 07:12:08 AM PST

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