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View Diary: Prison Rape is Funny... Right?? (191 comments)

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  •  I definitely think this site has been raided (2+ / 0-)
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    dbratl, ek hornbeck

    by both Clinton and Obama campaign people - and I would guess Edwards people too.  I agree that 23 year old sons and daughters can be stupid also and I am not eager to destroy them for all eternity either.  But I also get the fact that people get freaked about rape jokes...

    Having said all of that, I would hope that everyone would consider fighting, but trying not to do it "to the death" which is what I feel we've done too much of within the party lately.  I have never been fans of the Clintons and always disagreed with the notion that they were the standard bearers of the party, but I don't quite feel like totally destroying them either - anymore than I feel like totally destroying Obama.  It seems lately that those are our only two choices though and I resent that.  Thanks for listening.

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