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    Cathy Willey, Pandoras Box

    You wrote a good letter. I think the best part of what you laid out is the understanding of many of the people that are so against taxes.

    I am always trying to convince my Republican acquaintances of the necessity for taxes to pay for much needed repairs to bridges, dams and roads, not to mention new schools.

    I have never understood how they could be so for responsibility but be against raising taxes. Especially since many of my Republican friends are fiscally responsible and hard-working people. Your explanation makes a great deal of sense. If you don't trust where your money is going, you may end up not wanting to give any at all.

    I think the best example can be seen in the tax money on houses given to public schools. So many people are very upset with how their money is being used, or misused, to fund public education, and have instead decided that no money should be given. I think more and more people have become aware that lobbyists and large corporations have taken control of our taxes and are using them to support themselves rather than us.

    Of course, the problem is that by choosing to give little or no money we are just exacerbating the situation.

    I see no way to fix this other than a complete flushing of the government, which is, unfortunately, unlikely.

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