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  •  You, of course, leave out Clinton's similar... (4+ / 0-)
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    Christin, tbetz, allie123, paintitblue

    ...issues.  According to one source, her campaign was the one who called the Canadian ambassador.  (We all know now that Goolsby spoke to a counsul in Chicago.  And for what it's worth, the memo was strange---it stated that Goolsby accurately portrayed Obama's position---that is wanting to strengthen the labor and environmental standards in NAFTA, but then said he said his positions were just political, which just doesn't quite jive.)  And yes, the Canadians have said that wasn't true.  Of course, they have also said that the memo of the Goolsby conversation wasn't accurate.  I am not sure why you believe them on one and not the other unless you are just making partisan commentary.

    As for Iraq, while Power did make it sound bad (for which she should have been canned regardless of the other stuff), she acknowledged the obvious fact that facts on the ground can change policy.  One of Clinton's people (General Kean (sp?), I believe) said more or less the same thing.

    Finally---while you agree Power's comments were out of bounds---you say nothing about Wolfson comparing Obama to Kenneth Starr, a pretty nasty comment in democratic circles.  As for what else is said behind closed doors---I am sure people in both campaigns have said nasty things about the other candidate.  This is a sharply contested primary battle; nerves are bound to get frayed and people offended and angry.  These folks are human.  (Of course, Clinton's people may be saving all their vitriol for Mark Penn instead of Obama or McCain, but I digress....)

    •  The "Canadians" have not said it isn't true.... (1+ / 0-)
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      ....Prime Minister Harper has said it isn't true. After thinking about it for two days. One wonders what took him so long.

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