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  •  I'm concerned about Hillary's ability to close (8+ / 0-)

    the deal.

    I mean, she DRAMATICALLY points out the COMPLETE SHAM that is Barack Obama and is rewarded with MASSIVE WINS in two of the 5-7 STATES THAT MATTER and Obama's campaign COMPLETELY COLLAPSES.

    So all she had to do heading into Wyoming was clean up after this mess and convince a few thousand Democrats in a demographically-favorable state to stand for her. And she tried, what with the ground game that led her in-state crew to crow optimistically and the ads and the appearances by her bad self and Bill and Chelsea.

    And what results? Twenty-three point loss. So her inability to close should give everyone pause.

    But I'm sure she'll fix it all in Mississippi....

    The vapidness of this diary says a lot. About the candidate.

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