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  •  so you'd support him (0+ / 0-)

    if he adopts this position?  No, of course you wouldn't - nor should you.  Nothing the diarist has said is substantially inaccurate; Power did after all say what she said, and she did leave the campaign (more grace to her for resigning before she was asked), the NAFTA issue is as settled as it's going to get (for now, at least, and all sides can say what they want but these are the current official reports), and the rest of it looks like candidate speechifying and posturing.  Hardly a crap diary, (it is, after all, citing reputable sources, quoting candidates and providing analysis up to the diarist's ability), definitely not a hit piece (seriously, every criticism of Obama is not another Rezko).

    The real problem here, as I see it, is that everyone sees Clinton as "talking out of both sides of her mouth."  Yeah, well, write your own diary, post a comment or link highlighting your problem with the candidate, whatever, but attacking the diarist over a diary that's only factually inaccuracy is that Power got fired, not quit is petty.

    Grow up.

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