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View Diary: Hillary's Work on Kosovo & N. Ireland (173 comments)

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  •  I miss him. Every once in a while he posted (1+ / 0-)
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    truly classic comments-sound bites, and his diaries were generally positive, if a little on the orgasmic side.

    Like "I have contacted Markos and administration. I will take legal action against you."

    "fear the change"


    And of course, there's always been one in every These should be siglines diary (and there will be one in the next one)

    "The clear purpose is to chill speech.  I will not give up w/o a fight."

    "He belongs to a gang that calls itself the "troll hunters."

    "You are welcome to come by and hear some You Tube music if you wish, Miss Laura"

    "The Nazgul and Lord Sauron darken our doors.  They seek to shut out the light of truth"

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