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View Diary: Geraldine Ferraro Is Not A Racist (184 comments)

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  •  Since you've apparently signed up to shill for (3+ / 0-)
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    Hillary, then please accept this TR for the Clinton camp and their divide-and-conquer, say-anything-to-win, gutter politics campaigning.

    The irony of the hate-filled diatribe of a politician who was once picked to be a Vice-Presidential candidate despite the fact that she only had 6 years of Congressional experience pointing fingers at a Presidential candidate with 12 years of legislative history is apparently lost on you and the candidate you are shilling for.

    But as a Democratic activist and a woman, I'm ashamed of how low you and Hillary Clinton will go to try to destroy a fellow Democrat. Apparently, despite the campaign rhetoric, change is merely a slogan, while politics as usual is the norm.

    Thankfully, we have a candidate who will bring change we can believe in, a change which protects our patriotic rights of democracy. Patriots stand up to the status quo. Patriots don't pander to the lowest common denominator. And patriots don't peddle the Rovian assertion that we have to destroy our democracy in order to save it. Hillary Clinton is not a patriot, despite your constant posts to the contrary. But Democrats can elect a patriot and win the White House.

    Barack Obama 2008.

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