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View Diary: Geraldine Ferraro Is Not A Racist (184 comments)

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  •  Uh, grl... Please Google "racist" (2+ / 0-)
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    DelRPCV, onanyes

        You said: Ferraro said: "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position."

        I must retort: "If Obama were a white man, clinton would have been nuked in late '07, and would already be long gone, and ferraro would not be making nakedly racist rants now."

        Key phrase: "If Obama was a white man".

        For God's sake- Not a SINGLE REPUG played the race card!!!!!

        They will most certainly play the race card in the general election, but the fact is, clinton played the race card FIRST, and at this point, clinton is the SINGLE candidate playing the race card.

        Up until NOW, even the evil repugs have been better than that!

        But by your own admission, (and to be fair, the entire mainstream media's admission), your candidate went deeply racist by Ferraro proxy.

        I mean, is it possible to be more racist than writing: "If Obama were a white man"?

        I voted for Edwards on Super Tuesday even after he withdrew from the primaries because neither clinton or obama is worthy of my vote.

        But clinton's deliberate injection of mindless  racisim by Ferraro proxy, forces me to give money to obama, and forces me to vote against what HAD BEEN my second choice behind Edwards.

        Obama's MESSAGE is attracting voters, DESPITE his race, and by no means BECAUSE because of it.

        Uh, grl, how far down the clinton racist slope are you willing to go?




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