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    Cheney's cites these folks IN A VP DEBATE as a main source of factual support.  Follow the PNAC/DOD money...
    • may help... (3.50)
      four out of six of factcheck's lead items are about BC04 campaign distortions....and the 5th is a draw about misleads on both sides in Thursday's debate....what was Cheney thinking when he suggested folks look there?

      "How fortunate for leaders that men do not think"--Adolf Hitler

      •  funny, funny (none)
        Cheney sent people to their computers to check out

        And right there, a number of their lies are spread out.

        Uh oh.  

      •  he's tired (none)
        and wants to lose. Or he's developed a conscience, and it's guilty as hell. Or God put the words in his mouth because s/he's taken pity on us.
      •  Maybe so, but (none)
        they're fishing for sardines.  Two-to-one pro-Kerry ratios (IMO, of course) add up to nothing but muddle when HUGE lies stand before the voting public, which were well presented by Edwards tonight.

        My point from the opposite side -- if they don't "fact-check" Edwards on his contentions of 1) no WMD and 2) no AQ/Saddam link, they go unstated even if they're correct.  And if correct, they represent pre-emptive war under false pretenses.  Silence is toxic here.

        The best BC04 strategy at this point is to churn out data smog (apologies to D. Shenk). provides this service for them -- a name organization with media whores telling us very little of substance at a critical moment in the country's history.

        Rant aside, it looks like my PNAC comment doesn't hold water on the surface, i.e., their operating costs are covered by the Annenberg Foundation.  Still, something smells here...

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