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    To the News Editor:

    During the Vice Presidential debate, Dick Cheney crafted a dramatic moment in which he accused John Edwards of being an absent senator and claimed that prior to the debate, he never had met Edwards in the Senate.  This, however, is an outright lie.  Cheney met Edwards at least two times prior to the debate:  once in 2001 at a senate prayer breakfast, and once at Elizabeth Dole's swearing-in, at which Edwards was Dole's escort and was present at Dole's oath while Cheney swore her in.

    Fox is reporting Cheney's lie and the facts that debunk what he said.  You should be too.  You are supposed to the the newspaper of record for this nation.  I am sorely disappointed that you do not have, on the front page of your web edition RIGHT NOW, a clear headline stating that Cheney had met Edwards previously and that what he said in the debate about that was incorrect.  You should have this on the front page of your print edition tomorrow.  Do not shirk publishing the truth, please!

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