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    realize that Putin is still the same murdering KGB thug he's always been, and that the foreign policy of the Russia he is building is expansionist, aggressive, and profoundly anti-Western, without being a victim of the fear card.

    Georgia's real "crime", in Putin's eyes, was it's pursuit of an existence separate from Russia, and especially a policy that aligned with the West rather than with Moscow. Putin gives nary a fuck about the 40-odd (according to Human Rights Watch) or even 1,000-odd (according to the FSB/KGB) South Ossetians killed in the Georgian attack.

    Study the history of the KGB. The Sword and the Sheild, by Chrsitopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin, is phenomenal, and no better-sourced history exists, so far as I know. Mitrokhin was the head archivist of the 1st Chief Directorate (foreign intelligence) of the KGB, from the 1970s through the end of the Soviet State.

    It is an 80-year-long tale of unmitigated horror. The KGB must stand as the single most evil organization ever created by the twisted minds of men. That the Russian people, who above any should know every contour and block in the sole of that boot, would freely choose to place it back on their own necks is something I will never understand. Less than 10 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, they chose as President a high-ranking KGB officer. It's as if the West Germans had elected a General from the SS as Chancellor... in 1955.

    Me, I think Barack Obama's better qualified to deal with Putin than McCain is. Because he's smarter, and whatever Putin is, dumb he clearly ain't.


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