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  •  bluegrass50 (2+ / 0-)
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    eztempo, karmsy

    Fair point.  I understand your logic in regard to your comment.  But unfortunately, we are a different generation, there is no draft, so it allows our young people to not have to care -- if they choose too.  Many do, many don't.


    •  There's another ingredient, (1+ / 0-)
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      I think, in popular apathy today regarding progressive issues.

      It's the corporate media.

      In June, I took part in quite a noisy, raucus, and well-attended demonstration at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, against for-profit health insurance corporations, and for cost-effective universal healthcare. It was organized by unions and such, but plenty of "little nobodies," NOT represented by unions, turned out with picket signs.

      I'd put the total attendance about 1,000-2,000. You think the San Francisco Comical, which is unfortunately our local daily here (and a despicable Hearst Co. rag) "ran" with what should have been a big story? Hah! Try, Section C, and a paragraph long, with no photographs. Assholes.

      My point: there IS an in-person insurrection out there, confronting corporate abuses. You just don't usually hear about it, and because you don't usually here about it, if you're not especially well-informed, you give up and "think you're all alone."

      •  I agree this is the problem w/ Internet politics (1+ / 0-)
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        The public spectacle isn't there, in an email campaign.  It's good that Congresspeople get 100,000s of emails (and some phone calls), and it's nice to hear back from groups organizing those email blasts that they're wildly successful, but it's still hard to feel like you're connected to a movement.

        There's a lot to be said for grand spectacle in building a political revolt against "business as usual."

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