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    Odysseus, thisniss

    It's been clear to me for some time that we need to purge the anti-Dean forces from the wit, the DLC types...the ones who don't believe in the 50 state strategy...the ones who would have cost us the Dem majorities in the House and Senate in 2006 because they didn't support candidates like Tester in MT who, they said, had no shot.

    If you recall, the 50 state strategy is a long term strategy.  You don't suddenly start winning every race the next day.  I think Obama's doing gangbusters for the downticket races, frankly.  I think the ground game is going to be magnificent.  And I think the polls (even ours) are all sh#t, frankly, because nobody even knows what they're polling.  I'm not talking about cross-tabs; I'm talking about first-time voters and cell phone users and increased turn out from minorities and the youth vote.  I think the models are generally wrong (especially in rapidly changing states like NC).

    People who don't believe in the 50 state strategy rub me the way creationists rub most Democrats.

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