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View Diary: [Updating Intermittently] Hurricane Ike Media Brownout Info Diary - Day 6 (283 comments)

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    Two strained meetings of peninsula residents in Winnie today.  Folks speechifying from the back of a pick up truck.  I tell you, I love these people.  They talk plain and mean what they say.

    Below is outcome:

    High Island residents may come and go into their homes but cannot stay.

    If you can show proof of ownership in Bolivar/Crystal Beach, you will be able to go rollover pass and a state vehicle will bring you to your home/property but you cannot drive yourself. Regular cars cannot be used. Nothing has been OFFICIALLY announced how to proceed forward with this operation. Butch said they are going to devise a plan as to how this plan can be initiated.

    They did discuss looting. People are in fact looting from Gulf Coast Market. Several people were seen stealing chain saws and items not required to survive. A few of those people were spotted at the meeting. I will not disclose names. Karma/God will take care of what is needed.

    I have read and heard that Marshall law is going to be inforced, this apparently was not discussed at the meeting.

    Please stay tuned on the Houston and Beaumont news channels for update. The footage from today's meetings should be aired tonight. Channel 11 and 13 were there from Houston. Channel 4 from Beaumont. Channel 8 from Dallas and radio stations.

    We are all Droogie....f*ck the AP

    by crazyshirley2100 on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 01:42:32 PM PDT

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