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  •  When was the last time a VP candidate... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...was willing to refer to the presidential candidate on the other side as "my opponent"?

    When was the last time crowds at a presidential campaign rally showed up in large numbers, listened to the VP candidate speak, and then started leaving before and during the presidential candidate's speech?

    Make no mistake, for all intents and purposes Sarah Palin spent her first couple weeks on the ticket as the de facto GOP presidential candidate. And she needed to be knocked down.

    At this point, with her numbers dropping and the media focus finally beginning to shift over to McCain, yes... now we need to go back to focusing on McCain again.

    It's all well and good to point out that VP candidates have historically not made much of a difference in the eventual outcome of elections. We needed to make sure that Sarah Palin didn't become an unwelcome exception to that rule, and it looks like perhaps that's been taken care of.

    I don't believe that simply ignoring her and pretending that she wasn't having an effect would have been wise, however. Any more than Kerry trying to ignore the swiftboaters ended up being a wise move in 2004.

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